Vaccination Program

Project Summary

Haitian residents living in poor rural communities often do not have access to affordable medical care. Many Haitians get sick from preventable illness and poor hygiene both of which affect a child’s ability to attend school. This program is designed to bring free vaccination and treatable medical care to students in the surrounding community.


Millions of Haitian in rural communities lack access to affordable medical care and stable employment. As a result, Haitians are susceptible to natural disasters, civil unrest, and economic disturbances. These factors can prevent children having access to vaccines or being able to afford the cost of drugs that can prevent treatable diseases. If these diseases go untreated or the necessary preventative steps are not taken, Haitian children can be left physically and cognitively impaired, with physical discomfort and possibly even death.


Our approach is to work with the Good Shepherd Foundation in providing children attending schools’ access to free vaccinations and medical programs that address illness from worms, intestinal parasites and other fungal related diseases. We are asking you to be part of the solution in helping the children within the community to have better health outcomes by supporting this program, so a child can focus on receiving a quality education and a brighter future.


Vaccination programs keeps children healthy so they can spend more time learning, growing and socializing with peers. It’s also one of the best ways to protect young children from serious preventable diseases that may stunt their overall development. These programs are dependent upon trained medical officials interacting with school administrators and parents so vaccinations can be tracked and recorded. Our goal is to raise $2000 dollars so we can coordinate with the Good Shepherd Foundation in providing a vaccination program to small rural schools in Haiti. With your help we can make immunization a priority and foster an environment of health for a better education.