School Agricultural Goat Program

Project Summary

This project helps Haitian families make enough money to pay for their child’s education. Many rural families can’t afford to pay consistently their child’s school tuition fees. As a result, they are taking their child out of school until they can pay or permanently discontinue their education. This program is designed to help alleviate these education gaps or school dropouts by training them in goat management and business development. Our goal is to ensure that all Haitian children in these rural communities can continue their education so they can develop the skill set for a better future.


According to the UNICEF, an estimated 50% of the children do not attend primary school with that number increasing to about 80% when it comes to secondary school This is particularly true to girls living in poorer rural communities since most of the their families in Haiti are poor farmers that lack the necessary skill sets to find other opportunities. Also, these families often lack the necessary financial resources to send all their children to school therefore often choosing the male sibling over his sister. This often leads the girls in the rural community to a life of difficulties, often trapped into poverty.


We will work with the school director to identify families that are having difficulties paying their tuition fees. We will provide them one female goat that is ready to be bred. We will follow up these families every two weeks for six months to make sure their goat is properly managed, and to answer all their questions. Once the first offspring arrive, the first goat is sold to help offset the school tuition program so the child can continue their schooling. When the second litter arrives, the first weaned female will be donated back to the program for the next family. We will also offer them a two-day goat management and business development course that will give the families all the skills they need to successfully run a goat business.


Goats are often considered a gift of life to families in rural communities. Please give a goat donation to a family in need. A donation of $75 dollars can change the lives within a family forever.