Water Project

Project Summary

This project provides economic resources and development of programs to farmers so they can produce locally grown foods for rural community schools. Local farmers often are unable to compete with foreign subsidized foods, so they are unable to sell their product. As a result, families are unable to afford tuition costs and take their kids out of school. To make it more affordable, school’s drop important lunch programs to lower tuition costs leading to children going hungry and unable to concentrate during class. This program is designed to alleviate the cost difference between foreign and locally grown foods by giving schools enough financial resources to work with farmers within the community to produce foods that can be purchased for school lunch programs.


In poor rural agricultural communities, school lunch programs play a vital role in a child’s ability to meet their daily nutritional needs. As a result, approximately 25% of the children in rural Haiti are malnourished leading to impaired cognitive skills, unhealthy livelihood, anemia and stunting of growth.


The Local Farmer and School Food Program project will provide schools the necessary resources to start school lunch programs by purchasing locally produced foods. The foods produced locally will work with existing agricultural programs designed to increase yields. These meals will help supply most, if not all, of the child’s nutritional demands and employ local farmers so they can continue to provide high end produce at a living wage.


The Local Farmer and School Food Program project is one of the best ways to give a farmer an opportunity to earn a living wage and provide a nutritious meal to school children. With your help we can make locally produced foods a solution for farmers and schools.