Community Chicken Program

Project Summary

Chronic malnutrition is a major problem in a child’s ability to properly physically and cognitively develop. Some of this stems from the family’s financial instability to afford diversified proteins in their child’s diet. The community chicken program is designed to help families overcome the financial burden of the initial purchase of egg laying hens. The egg laying chickens will be a source of daily protein and supplement their income through the sale of eggs or meat. Both factors play a key role in addressing the issues of child malnutrition.


Animal protein is an important component in a child for proper cognitive and physical development. The problem is most of the farmers are living on less than $2 a day, therefore are unable to invest in opportunities that might bring other sources of revenues. As a result, a child is often at risk to chronic malnutrition and dropping out of school.


The community chicken program is designed to help families to supplement their family’s food and income. The gift of two chickens can make a big difference to a family in need. It’s a sustainable source of protein and can provide another source of income. In this program, the families receiving the hens will attend a two-day course in how to take care of the chickens, and if they want, how to build a chicken business. Upon completion of the course, the family will receive two mature egg laying hens. These hens will provide families some food security and provide options in how their families can receive their protein source. This type of dependability often is exactly what a family needs to be become more financially resilient in a world of change.


Chickens can provide a steady source of protein and additional income by selling eggs in the market. Please give a gift of two mature egg laying hens to a family in need. A donation of $45 dollars can help families take an important step to becoming self-sufficient.