Build a Better School Program

Project Summary

The Build a Better School Program is designed for Ecole Mixte Parole En Action in Chevreau Lombard to raise money to purchase school desks, chalk boards or items to improve the classroom. Schools are often faced with difficult decisions to keep tuition costs low, so that families can afford to send not just one but all their children to get an education. Often left behind are the tools needed in school to provide a healthy learning environment. This program is designed to raise money so kids will not have to sit on the floor when they are learning or share a desk with too many children therefore impairing their ability to learn. We want them to have clean, safe environment that liberates a child, “to love to learn”.


Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Approximately 60% of the families are living in poverty making as little as $2.41 a day. Almost 25% of those people are living under the extreme poverty line of $1.32 a day. That means a good portion of the society is unable to attend school. It is easy to see why illiteracy rates are about 50% of the population and schools continue to try to lower the cost of tuition.


This program is designed to improve classrooms for better learning. Building better classrooms will create healthier learning environments for the students. With your help, school children will have a school environment where a child can learn to “love to learn” and an opportunity to escape poverty through a quality education.