Agricultural Education Program

Project Summary

Help us expand our sustainable education programs that help feed rural families and reduce the cost difference between subsidized foreign food and locally growth products. We can reduce the cost difference by educating the farmers with the latest growing techniques. The educational courses provided by this project teach local farmers how to increase their yield and yet be sustainable.


Long term success in stabilizing rural agricultural communities is directly tied to a farmer’s access to financial capital and ability to learn new growing techniques. Currently, Haiti trade policies allows subsidized foreign foods to dump their agricultural products into local markets making local foods 30-40% more expensive to purchase. One of the ways to help farmers is to have affordable education course so they can learn new growing techniques to achieve financial viability and sustainability.


Teaching of local rural farmers, the importance of sustainable agricultural techniques leads to strengthening local food production but also can stimulate the local economy. The courses taught also include business development and capacity building so farmers will be able to be self-sufficient and more resilient to disturbances to the markets. All these courses are designed to provide the rural farmers the latest in growing techniques, animal husbandry and business management skills so they can achieve long term success and stabilize local economies. It is their successes that will allow the families to be able to afford to send their child to school where they can develop to their fullest potential.


Investing in agricultural education programs are essential for farmer in the rural community. It is also one of the best ways to provide nutrition and financial freedom for families. Both of these play a key role in seeing their kids to school which is the only way to escape poverty. We offer a two day and a five-day agricultural program. The two-day program is a more specific program that will teach farmers about animal husbandry or specific growing techniques. The five-day program combines animal husbandry and growing techniques. With you help, we can continue to run these programs so farmers can learn the necessary skills to achieve sustainability.