We believe the biggest difference anyone can give to a Haitian child is provide them with a quality education.

There are many factors that play a role in obtaining an education, but it starts with an understanding of why a quality education matters.

We believe that by providing a child a quality education, you are providing that child a vehicle that will allow them to escape poverty.  

In addition, a quality education reduces inequalities, creates critical thinkers and community leaders that will allow them to solve their own problems sustainably.

If you want to make a difference in a child, let them know they are not alone by donating to a program or programs that make a difference in their lives.

Who Are We

We are a non-profit 501c3 organization that provides long term sustainable aid to schools and communities affected by poverty. We work with local organizations to deliver local sustainable solutions helping to improve children’s access in attaining a quality education within their community.

Our Goals

To create a classroom environment that allows each child to maximize their ability to learn and achieve academic excellence through rigorous classroom work that is rooted in community service

To promote programs that develop leadership skills focused on enhancing the local community 

To develop programs that encourage the advancement of women academically and that promote equality within the community

To collaborate with local school officials to develop programs and provide resources that best meet the needs of the students so they can concentrate on getting a quality education

To support programs that encourage the importance of a child attaining a secondary and post-secondary education for long term job opportunities

Haitian Staff:

Our goal is to have Haitians helping Haitians.  As a result, we partner with local residents and organizations to develop sustainable projects that improve the lives of families.  These programs include clean water initiative, agricultural education courses, farm to school lunch programs, and building better school projects that create better learning environments.  This has led to more participations from locals, more interest in the success of the programs, and the exchange of local ideas in how to better themselves.  This is something our organization is very proud of and has been a key to our success in the area.  

Below are the bios from of our staff members in Haiti.

My name is Frantz-Edouard Durand, I was born and raised in Haiti, I spend most of my childhood with American missionaries. I studied translation, interpretation, and project management. I have worked for different NGO'S over the past few years. I'm a people person, that likes being engaged with community work and getting involved in something positive in our country. I enjoy our current work that focuses on way to help vulnerable communities in Haiti like Chevreau Lombard. What I like of my work with the Monette fund is how we are teaching them how to fish instead of giving them a fish for a single day. This way they are fed for a lifetime. I feel this is an important part of our programs. We want the residents to take ownership of the program so they can reap the rewards of being financially stable and build for the future by achieving sustainability. I am looking forward to the success of these projects and seeing how it positively affects the lives of the residents in Chevreau Lombard. As I feel the greatest reward in our job is to see that our work in helping people, helps them build a better life for not themselves but for the next generation to come.

Below are the bios from of our staff members in Haiti.

I am Madocee Verty, I'm an Agronomist, specializing in Animal Production. What I like about the job is the way we approach the community problems (participative diagnostic, focus group). We look at the objectives for farmers and the long-term vision of the projects so we can build a pathway to sustainability. Furthermore, the projects tend to empower the farmers in making their own decisions in order to be active in their community and their lands. I always take a position for rural people. I'm the results of such effort. My parents come from rural areas and they used to plant for survival. Back in those days I tried to help them and some farmers to plant and have good results in their lands. That's why, I find myself enjoying our work in Chevreau-Lombard. I hope that the farmers will totally involved by practicing the most current growing techniques and sustainable methods so that the next generation could inherit them.

Below are the bios from of our staff members in Haiti.

I’m Schneider Lafaille, I work with farmers as a project monitor and reporter in the Rossignol section (Grande Saline) for Health for Haiti from Suny Broome College in Binghamton (NY) I’m now working with farmers on different projects in Chevreau Lombard (Grande Saline) that relate to rice intensification, selling of their products and building capacity within the community. I really enjoy working with these projects in Chevreau because they meet the needs of the community. I particularly like our projects that are trying to address the needs of malnutrition in kids in Ecole Mixte Parole En Action de Chevreau Lombard. Not only are we trying to provide them a lunch from local farmers, we are also training their parents through education and workshop courses on livestock projects and farming so they can create incomes in their own area. I am looking forward to helping the families within the community become more financially stable but also address the immediate needs of malnutrition. Seeing how this happens is my greatest reward working on these projects. To see the people involved to not only get a high-quality meal but also to learn and become active participants so they have a claim in the community’s future.

Below are the bios from of our staff members in Haiti.

Hi, I’m André Joseph, I’m 53 years old, father of five kids and a lifelong resident of Chevreau Lombard, with over 30 years in being involved community development and agricultural projects in the area. I have been farming since I was 13 years old and with the intention of my family contributing to the development of my community through improved agricultural techniques and advancements. I’m conscious of what is happening within my community and hope to take a step in resolving these issues by working with The Monette Fund that puts an emphasis of Haitians helping Haitians. These issues include childhood malnutrition, poor soil, and livestock management. My goal is to help families better understand how our current practices contribute to our problems and how the new sustainable agricultural techniques and management will better their lives and children. I am particularly excited in helping organize a community farmer’s association. Through the association, I can help others learn new ways to grow crops and properly care their livestock. My hope is for this association to grow and act as a group where farmers and families can share knowledge so we all can grow sustainably together. For I know that the only way we can solve our problems is to start with us, local farmers and families, working together to learn a more sustainable future.