Water Project

Project Summary

This project helps Haitian families living in rural areas access to clean and safe water. Water borne illnesses and preventable diseases can be found as high as 60% in the families living in rural communities. Our goal is to ensure that all families and their children have access to clean and safe water.


Clean water in rural communities are rare and difficult to maintain. This often leads to residents drinking water out of contaminated canals or rivers which can lead to water borne illness such as diarrhea, intestinal parasites and even cholera. Help us provide these families access to clean and safe water so they can have good health and a brighter future.


We will repair the existing Solar Powered Water Stations by working with the Haitian governmental water agency called DINEPA and an organization made up of residents called ORACHEL. DINEPA, ORACHEL and our staff will fix the existing water station but also provide technical training to local leaders and how to manage the system. By restoring the water stations, families will get access to clean water that will provide their children a chance to a healthier life and a path to a better future.


Clean water is often referred to the gift of life, but it is much more. Clean water is economic freedom, women empowerment, healthy livestock and sustainability. As a result, clean water projects are often the first project in helping a community. Our next water project will cost about $4800. So, if you want to donate a gift of life to a community, please click on the donate button below. Without your kind donations, our work wouldn’t be possible.