changing the
future together

There are four key factors involved for a child to get a quality education.  The first is for a child to have proper medical care and nutrition so they can attend school and able to concentrate on their work.  The second factor is for a child and their family to have access to clean, safe water.  The third factor is for the family to be able to financially afford to send their child to school.  Lastly, is that a school has a safe well-maintained classroom environment with a well-trained teaching staff that will encourage a child to learn, grow, and develop learning skills.  All these factors must be in place for a child to love to learn and enjoy the pursuit of academic excellence.  It is our goal to build programs that address each of these factors so children can attain their fullest potential and become new community and state leaders.

    • Developing next generation Haitian community leaders through educational and community programs.
    • We partner with local organizations throughout Haiti to deliver sustainable education and developmental programs to better the lives of children and families within the community.
    • Vision:  Create an environment where every child loves to learn and enjoys the pursuit of academic excellence.
    • Mission:  Creating healthy learning environments where each child can attain their fullest potential by supporting educational programs through academic institutions and community initiatives.